Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yard Signs Now Available!

An eye-catching yard sign declaring "Another Catholic Voting No" is C4ME-MN's latest effort to get the word out that Catholics can in good conscience vote 'no' on the Minnesota 'marriage amendment.' As you know, the 'marriage amendment' refers to the November 6, 2012 ballot initiative that asks Minnesotans to vote on limiting the freedom to marry by amending the state constitution to define marriage as “solely between one man and one woman.” (For more about the amendment, see here, here and here.)

Because of our non-profit status, our yard signs are not for sale. However, a $10 donation per yard sign is recommended and would be greatly appreciated.

For information about ordering and picking up signs in St. Paul,
contact Mary Kay Orman at c4me.stpaul@gmail.com 
or call 651-699-1671.

For Minneapolis ordering and pick-up information,
contact Michael Bayly at info.c4me@gmail.com 
or call 612-201-4534.

Burnsville and area residents, contact
Rose McMurray at 612-710-8327.

Winona residents, contact
Leslie Hittner at lhittner@hbci.com

Red Wing residents, contact
Tom Bottolene at tom@circlevision.org.

St. Cloud residents, contact
Danielle Bunting at dabgal@gmail.com.

To view and/or order our DVD, Catholics for Marriage Equality, click here.

NOTE: Our yard sign was first unveiled at C4ME-MN's "I Do! Believe in the Freedom to Marry" event on August 15, 2012. For photos and commentary on this event, click here.


  1. I notice the other signs say, "Don't limit the freedom to marry". Does this mean any person has the "freedom" to marry any other person? Is there a "free right" for a mother to marry her son or her daughter? Is there a "free right" for two 10-year olds to marry one another? Is there a "free right" for 1 person to marry multiple people?

    This sign, and in fact much of the same-sex marriage movement, seems to ignore the Pandora's Box hiding behind all the nice-sounding rhetoric.

    1. The Pandora's Box is actually the restriction of the rights of people within the state constitution. The constitution grants rights to the people and controls the power of government. This amendment is counter to that founding principle and should be opposed by everyone - regardless of their ethical or moral positions on this topic.

  2. Do you really think that there is a push for under-age children to marry? That is similar to the hysteria during the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) battle about uni-sex bathrooms. Ironically such arguments destroyed the ERA, at least at the time, but uni-sex potties are here to stay. So obviously the two concerns were not particularly related.

    Let us at least use plausible arguments on both sides here. No one I know of wants children to marry, (although both it and polygamy have been legal at times in the United States, even during the supposed "golden age" of one man/one woman in our nation). If you do not believe me ask Loretta Lynn, who married at 14, or Mitt Romney for the history of the territory of Utah.

    At least let's have real dialogue on the topic.

  3. Your mad dash down the slippery slope hit every straw man on the way down.

    There is one very large problem with all of the "problems" you came up with and that is consent. 10 year old kids cannot consent to be married. You did forgot the other standard "if there is freedom to marry, can I marry my toaster?" First off again your toaster cannot consent. Second I talked to your toaster it would like to keep the current arrangement of you sticking things in him in the morning and then leaving him alone the rest of the day.

  4. Glad to see Catholics come around. It's one of the major reasons I consider myself a recovering Catholic.

  5. ok crazies, we are not talking about marriage to "toasters" and "under age" marriage. We are talking about the right as a human to get married to the person of your choice so be it as a man OR woman. get over it, this is not going to go away quietly and as long as I'm alive i will fight for my and everyone elses gay children.

  6. As someone who comes from a large Catholic family, it's important to me to find a way to talk about Catholicism and gay marriage while being respectful and inclusive. I wrote an essay as a way to open the door to talking about gay marriage and the amendment with family and friends in a constructive way. I've been posting it to relevant forums, blogs, and discussions. Here it is for those interested. Please share & discuss with your religious family members and friends. Let's defeat this amendment!

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