Monday, March 12, 2012

Save the Date!

Calling all Catholics . . .

Come Out and Sing Out
for Marriage Equality!

WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2012 (1:00-4:00 p.m.)
WHERE: Calvary Lutheran Church
(Chicago Ave. S. and 39th St. S., Minneapolis)

Please join us in the filming of an inspiring music video
that celebrates Jesus’ message of love and inclusivity.

Are you a Catholic who loves the Church
and also believes in a Minnesota for all families?
Bring your voice of conscience!

Do you no longer participate in the Catholic Church
but wish to join this prayerful act of compassion?
Bring your voice of unity!

Are you a member of another faith community
and wish to come out and sing out with us?
Bring your voice of solidarity!

Together we will create a visual and audio performance of the song For All the Children
by David Lohman.

Refrain: “May our hearts and minds be opened,
fling the church doors open wide.
May there be room enough for everyone inside.
For in God there is a welcome, in God we all belong.
May that welcome be our song!”

Listen to For All the Children in its entirety here:

The April 28th filming event will be a celebration of videotaped song, a rally for love and commitment, and a benefit for our grass-roots movement.

For more information, contact Jim Smith at


  1. One of the precepts to the Catholic Church states that a "practicing catholic" abide by the Church teachings in regard to marriage. Therefore anyone who does not abide by the Church's teaching in regard to the sacrament of marriage cannot be considered a practicing Catholic.

    Food for Thought: If an individual with full knowledge opposes the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church and is not a practicing Catholic, than "How can this individual even call themselves Catholic?"

  2. Can you tell a divorced person who was confirmed in the Catholic faith and attends Mass, receiving communion each week, and who is heavily involved in their church, that they are somehow NOT a practicing Catholic? The Catholic Church has so many beliefs and teachings that many of us fail to follow on a regular basis, so therefore does that make us less Catholic? That makes no sense. This amendment, however, is NOT about what the Catholic church teaches on the subject of marriage, nor any other church, in the first place. This is about legal marriages and banning them from those who are same-sex couples. I wonder how those who want this amendment to pass can call themselves "freedom-loving Americans".