Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Grateful for a Catholic School Teacher's Integrity

Catholics for Marriage Equality-MN and DignityUSA stand proudly with Trish Cameron, the Catholic school teacher in Moorhead, MN who was fired from her job for privately expressing to school and church leaders her support of civil marriage freedom for same-sex couples. A 5th grade teacher, well-loved and respected by parents, students and peers, Ms. Cameron was skewered for her broad heart and integrity. Fidelity to her informed conscience cost her greatly – the loss of a beloved community and the loss of work she treasured.

She is the face of many Catholics who in good conscience oppose this divisive anti-marriage amendment; Catholics who, in her words, "are no longer willing to simply accept what the church leaders say without discussion."

We call on all Catholics who are troubled by our Church leaders' obsession with adding permanent restrictions to Minnesota's Constitution to stand forth in love, courage and integrity. We applaud all Catholics who draw family, friends and co-workers into respectful conversations about why marriage matters to all of us.

For coverage of Trish Cameron's story, listen to and read the June 27 Minnesota Public Radio piece here.

Image: MPR/Dan Gunderson.

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  1. If everyone who dissented on birth control was released there would be no teachers left in any catholic school.