Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Vigil for All Minnesota's Families Continues at Cathedral

. . . with a special vigil planned for October 23

For over five months a dedicated group of Catholics has gathered weekly at the Cathedral of St. Paul for a prayer vigil for all Minnesota's families. Organizers of the vigil note that the weekly gathering welcomes all and serves as "an expression of support for the inherent dignity of all God’s people and the promotion of the spiritual well-being of every family."

When the vigil began in April, Fr. Joseph Johnson, Pastor of the Cathedral, told the group that “public prayer” had to be approved in advance by his office. He also deemed the purpose of the vigil to “contradict” the Church’s positions. Told that the Rosary could not even be whispered, the vigiling group decided to pray together in silence. They’ve continued doing so every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. for the past five months.

Recently, members of the vigiling group met and decided to continue their prayer, in silence. They feel that such silence has "taken on power from their respectful commitment."

The group is also encouraging others to start prayer vigils in their own parish churches and then to write about them (via the comments section of this post) so "we can build up our spiritual presence across the State of Minnesota and the country." For instance, the St. John Neumann parish in Eagan (which has become active on the Vote No issue and has a parish team), is saying the rosary weekly in solidarity with those who gather at the Cathedral. They are saying their Rosary in their parish chapel.

Organizers also invite all area Catholics to a special vigil at the Cathedral at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 23. The significance of this date is that it is two weeks before the November 6 election and, in Minnesota, the vote on the so-called ‘marriage amendment,’ a proposed constitutional amendment supported by the Catholic hierarchy but which many Catholics believe is hurtful and unfair to same-sex couples and families.

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