Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Courageous Conversations

Exciting challenges ahead by evidence of the previous post at Sensus Fidelium. In a Minnesota Public Radio feature, the Catholic siblings of a lesbian in a committed relationship weigh in on the upcoming marriage amendment vote. Here at Catholics for Marriage Equality, we're not too surprised that these siblings land differently, one from another. The family appears tightly knit, and the gay sister and her partner seem well accepted by all. But when it comes to supporting sis with a NO vote next November, the sibs offer a less clear picture, with one sibling ready with a bold NO, while others sit on the fence.

Proves we cannot take our loved ones and their opinions for granted. Challenges all of us to have those courageous conversations with parents, siblings, in-laws, adult nieces and nephews, and good friends. Encourages us to tell them why marriage matters to us as an inclusive institution, and how same-sex love equally and uniquely reveals the face of God.

Blessings on your courageous conversations!

– Posted by Jim Smith, coordinator of parish inreach, C4ME

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