Thursday, December 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

. . . While it is true that the Catholic hierarchy in [Maryland] opposed the [marriage equality and gender non-discrimination] bill, the Catholic people did not. A 2009 Greenberg, Quinlan, and Rossner poll revealed that a 49% plurality of Maryland Catholics favor legislative action that would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry, with only 42% opposed. Given that this poll is now almost three years old, and that support for marriage equality keeps increasing, especially among Catholics, the statistic of support from that poll has most likely increased.

. . . And while the press identified African-American opposition to the bill as a reason for its downfall, this explanation does not do justice to the amazing amount of support for marriage equality among African-Americans. If you have any doubt about this, visit the website of the Maryland Black Family Alliance.

The same problem plagues both Catholics and African-Americans: while some leaders of these communities are vocally and stridently opposed to marriage equality, the grassroots folks are strongly supportive. . . .

– Francis DeBernardo
Bondings 2.0
December 22, 2011

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