Monday, January 16, 2012


"The endgame of those who oppose the marriage amendment that we support is not just to secure certain benefits for a particular minority, but, I believe, to eliminate the need for marriage altogether." Archbishop John Nienstedt in a letter to all priests of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Bewildering. The Archbishop believes that those who oppose the marriage amendment want to eliminate marriage altogether. If he took any time to truly listen to those who oppose the amendment--starting with his own Catholics-- he would come to a very different belief.

While we wait for him to listen to the good minds and hearts of the people entrusted to his care, we are already responding. If you are a Catholic who loves the church but in good conscience opposes the marriage amendment, we're offering you an opportunity to stand up. Throughout the metro, and soon throughout the state, Catholics are gathering in "house churches" to listen to the stories of gay and lesbian couples, and listen to the stories of their Catholic parents and Catholic friends. If inspired, Catholics sign a support statement in which they commit to voting NO on the proposed amendment in November. Other action steps are also offered.

Visit our website: to sign the support statement online and to contact us with your desire to participate in a house church gathering in your parish.

And pray that Christ's call for compassion, justice and unity inhabit this great state in the months and years ahead.

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