Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Marriage Moment for All Catholics!

Our friends at Call To Action, a national intra-Catholic Church justice organization, are planning a Marriage Moment!

The Minnesota Marriage Amendment:
Can Faithful Catholics Vote "No"?

Join us to gain a Catholic perspective not available on Sunday mornings.

Saturday, April 21, at 9:30 am
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Snelling Ave., St. Paul

Mickey Martinez, Catholic attorney, will illustrate the shift from marriage being, essentially, a civil matter the first millennium to being vested with religious meaning in the second - His talk: "A Holy, Civil Matter"

Patricia Beattie Jung, Catholic Professor of Christian Ethics, will present "Marriage Equality and Catholicism", making a case for church endorsement of the civil recognition of same-sex unions.

Project 515 Players will dramatize experiences of GLBT people when legal protections are denied, in a skit called "It's all about Fairness". Trainers from OutFrontMN will help us shape conversations for talking to people about the importance of voting NO in November.

FFI – Art or 651-278-6630.

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