Saturday, January 14, 2012

House Church Trainings Begin!

Catholics for Marriage Equality had its first training for Catholic leaders in MN on January 5th. These Catholics have come forward to invite from 10 to 40 fellow Catholics to gather for a 'house church' discussion on the proposed Marriage Amendment.

Thirty people showed up for the simple training, representing ten parishes throughout the metro area.

It was a striking moment. One after another introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting and briefly shared why they landed here. Eloquent testimony, passionate convictions. Sadness, anger, hope, empowerment, all these describe the dispositions brought to our meeting.

These are Catholics committed in faith, alive in compassion, active in their parishes. Many of these Catholics have children or friends or co-workers who are gay or lesbian. They see the face of God in these persons and in their relationships of love and deep commitment.

Can one be a faithful Catholic while honestly grappling with a teaching or directive of the hierarchy? Actually, one's baptism demands a searing, thoughtful examination of teaching within the lived experience of God's people. If such a teaching comes up short time and again, it demands our scrutiny. These Catholics take seriously the call of their baptism to be faithful to the Gospel of Christ and faithful to the cause of bringing the Church to become what it professes to be--the Body of Christ, the Community of the Beloved Disciple.

Thanks to the 30 Catholics who showed up in early January and are committed to gathering others in house church meetings.

We are planning a second training for March. This grass-roots Catholic movement marches on.

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