Friday, January 20, 2012

A Bishop Speaks from the Sacred Edge

As Catholic grass-roots efforts heat up within parishes to defeat the marriage amendment, some things bear reminding. And who better to remind us than a Bishop! Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, long-time supporter of LGBT dignity spoke recently at a Michigan faith gathering, and empowers us with a church teaching:

“The saving factor in Catholic teaching is we have, above everything else, primacy of conscience. That means that I must understand my own heart. I make the decision, is it right for me? The church’s teaching does provide conflict, but it is solvable in this way.”

He gives us Christ, our model of steadfast compassion and justice:

” ‘Jesus paid a terrible price for standing up for what he believed in. He paid with death,’ he said. ‘But most people don’t go that far. Most people back off. They get to a certain point and they just back off. Jesus didn’t do that.’ “

Great reminders to give us strength for the journey ahead.

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